Milk and Eggs for Breakfast

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This girl and her family are grateful for their goats

This girl and her family are grateful for their goats

Goat Loan Program, Jordan

Out of milk and eggs? Just pull your car into the supermarket on your way home from work. Easy, right? Your children will have a nice high-protein breakfast in the morning so they can be successful in school. You have a post-workout calcium boost to supplement your bones and muscles. But, what if you lived in rural Jordan without a car or money enough to buy food for you and your children? Also, the nearest market is a half-day walk from your village.

Animals are crucial to survival in many rural villages in the countries where we work.

Not only do they provide food for families but are a great source of income in areas where “supermarkets” don’t exist. That’s why our team in Jordan established a Goat Loan Program for the village cluster in rural northern Jordan. A goat costing about $60 is “loaned” to a family. They pay back the loan by giving the first kid (baby goat) back to GHNI, which is loaned to another family. Families can sell additional kids and milk, yogurt or cheese for income. Goats continue to reproduce, creating sustainable form of income for each family.

One GHNI-Jordan leader shares, “One young girl and her family had one goat from us and now they have eight. They use the milk to make yogurt and cheese and they eat it for breakfast and dinner. They sold a male goat and were able to make income from the sale. Her father is excited to increase the number of his herd. This project helped provide food for the family, as well as a substantial and sustainable income.”

GHNI leader shows fresh eggs from one family’s chickens

GHNI leader shows fresh eggs from one family’s chickens

Seeing the success of loaning goats to villagers has allowed the GHNI-Jordan team to expand the program.

Because chickens require lower management than goats, they have confidence introducing chicken loans will be equally or even more successful. Families can use the eggs or meat for food and income.

Defyahna, the village where the chicken loans will pilot, has already proven success with goats.

“Beginning with 14 goats, we were able to get from them 60 kids. This has been a very successful program in this village,” says one GHNI worker, “We have a family there who is now self-sustaining because they raised over 30 goats and have a successful business. Our plan is to expand the chicken and goat program into several new villages.”

Poverty doesn’t only exist in December, that’s why we’re celebrating Christmas in July.

Provide goats and chickens for loans to villagers by donating now!


Orphans and Widows of HIV/AIDS

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Widow of HIV/AIDS

Widow of HIV/AIDS

It’s no secret that HIV and AIDS is a leading cause of death in Kenya. Here’s the story of one village whose community is making plans to curb the statistics.

Attir Village, Kenya

“Mama Veronica is HIV and AIDS victim. She has given birth to nine children, of which none are alive, but they all left behind one or two children which some of them are also HIV positive.

“She is the most desperate woman in the village. Nobody love her. She has no job or any form of income. All those children goes from house to house begging for food at least to keep them alive. They have bad record of stealing other people property as part of their daily routine.

“As we are doing our weekly home visiting program, we come across these women whom nobody wants to associate with.

“As she shared her sad story we were overwhelmed with emotion, not knowing what to do, where to start from, and so many questions come to our mind. At first we thought of a place where we can take all these orphans. And second how to help those who are HIV positive and Veronica herself.

“As we spoke to agencies which help orphan children in Isiolo, we were not give a clear answer on how they will be helped. But we are hoping for the best.

“We also partnered with government hospital which took responsibility to give these women and those who are HIV positive some anti-viral drug to reduce the strength of the disease. They also promise to gave her some multivitamins and plump nut park for some time.

“We are grateful to all our partners and for these woman who lost help and hope, but now seeing some light ahead of her. We are still helping and trusting God will gave us more wisdom on how to restore hope to this doomed family.”

Come Help Me Help Myself

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When the government failed them, people of this village decided to begin helping themselves. Wubshet and Habiba, GHNI National Leaders in Kenya, share how the village’s initiative helped fulfil dreams. Bulesa Dima Village, Kenya “The villagers of Bulesa Dima are hardworking people as compared to people living in other part of Kenya. They were afflicted […]

Primary School Children Dream Big

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Naomi, a 7-year old girl living in rural Sri Lanka, loves school! She rushes to the GHNI sponsored after-school program in *U Village, even though it’s a tough uphill climb. Naomi enjoys reading and learning English. However, many children in Sri Lanka, especially those impoverished in rural villages, must drop out of school at a […]

Progress Elicits Smiles

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After digging a well in their village for drinking, cooking, and washing, these Nepalese villagers are now looking forward to irrigating their crops. David, a GHNI leader, shares about the trials and triumphs of this project. *BT Village, Nepal “In the month of May, we did some progress in the well digging in the village. […]

Students Thankful for
English and Math

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While studying can be a bore for children in developing nations where opportunity is abounding, these students in Sri Lanka love it!  The following is an inspiring update from Celeste and Jay in Sri Lanka. *U Village, Sri Lanka “Today was a day of rain when we visited the village. The muddy water was coming […]

In many cultures, collecting daily water for the family falls under the job description of women or girls.  In Afghanistan, this entails a hike of two or more miles in harsh winter conditions up and down a mountainside.  In Nepal, a young girl may miss out on attending school to complete a 4 hour round-trip […]

GHNI Welcomes New Village!

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*10th Leper Village, Holy Land A cluster of villages in the Holy Land which we call 10th Leper Village is the newest addition to GHNI’s Transformational Community Development (TCD) program.  The people in this village cluster have endured generations of poverty resulted from lack of employment, health care, and education opportunities.  Recent wars in surrounding […]

“Everybody Can Change”

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Everybody can change and so can we!  Keep your eyes peeled because is getting a makeover. Reveal of the new and improved is coming this fall, 2014! Everybody Can Change Rocky 4 —

Results in a recent screening of 125 children attending Saneba Village’s primary school indicated 1 in 5 children suffer from malnutrition.  In fact, according to WHO, more than 10% of children in Burkina Faso don’t live to see their 5th birthday!  With nearly 45% of Burkina Faso’s population living below the poverty level, on less […]